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The 4ucycling Raincoat

The saying “when it rains, it pours,” is a statement that is accurate both literally and metaphorically. When you’re out and about without the right gear on your body, even the smallest amount of rain can feel like a storm is falling on you. Before you know it, you’re walking around with clothes that are soaked, and chances are, you’re nowhere near your home, which creates a huge issue. Your good mood is ruined and possibly for the entire day. But there’s good news! With the 4ucycling raincoat, being wet and cold in the rain can become a thing of the past. It may look like a standard raincoat, but for only $15.99, you can be ready at any time a storm is present. This is raingear that is not only lightweight, but you can fold it up and easily place it in your pocket, making it perfect for traveling wherever you wish to go.

Best Features

Not only does the raincoat provide superior protection, it’s one size fits most body heights and sizes due to its cinched sleeves located at the bottom. Simply fold the poncho into itself and easily store it wherever you wish. Unfolded and the raincoat becomes a pouch where you can keep your belongings out of the rain. The raincoat’s chest is 53 inches and its length is 49 inches. It’s back length is 32 inches and its length is 17 inches. The raincoat is constructed of lightweight but thick material and it has an adjustable hem. Amazingly breathable, the raincoat is made of nylon. No matter if it is summer, fall, winter or spring, you’ll be protected with this raincoat. Use the hood’s drawstrings to cinch it and keep your head and hair dry, especially when the rain is really heavy.


At only $16, this raincoat is not only affordable but compact and well-made. That’s not something you can say about every raincoat that is found at that price. Put the raincoat in your purse, your backpack or simply leave it in your car. Going to a concert or a sports game? The raincoat is an excellent item to tag along. Going to a theme park? The raincoat will keep you dry on water rides. It has long sleeves and is made of nylon, unlike other raincoats. It lasts a long time and feels great. It’s reusable and absolutely worth the money.


There are users who found it difficult to fold the poncho back up into its pouch.

Final Verdict

If you want to keep dry, no matter where you are, this raincoat is for you. Is it the most stylish raincoat on the market? No. However, it’s the perfect thing to place inside the emergency kit of your car or the emergency kit of your purse. This raincoat will keep you dry out in the rain, and one of the best parts is that you can use it again. At only $16, this raincoat is a great bargain.

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