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To research and provide the best ideas and the highest-quality information regarding prepping and preparedness in a world that is increasingly becoming uncertain.

About Bruce Obrien

Bruce Obrien, the author, and proprietor of Survival Food Super has been researching, learning, and writing about prepping and preparedness since the beginning of 2010. After retiring from his professional career, he moved to a rural location and has been focusing all his efforts on the issue of preparedness. Not only is knowledgeable and experienced, but he is also very passionate about the topic.

Survival Food Super’s Blog

Survival Food Super is a leading preparedness website offering plenty of useful resources for preppers. New articles and fresh content is put up on a daily basis. The website covers all issues of prepping as well as the practical problems you have to overcome on a daily basis in a world fraught with system risks.

Survival Food Super: Preparedness For Life

Preparedness is first and foremost a process that you should endeavour to take as far as possible. It is also a way of life, where you always make a point of being prepared for the uncertainties that we may face. As a way of life, preparedness will help you break free of a system that is designed to leave you dependent and, therefore, vulnerable. By breaking free, you enhance your self-reliance and lead a life of being self-sufficient.