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4 Person Premium Survival Kit And First Aid Supplies With 72-Hour Emergency Preparedness

Whether you simply would like to make sure you are safe or are a doomsday die hard, there is no better feeling in the world than knowing that your family and you are fully prepared in case disaster strikes. It definitely can be a very scary thought trying to imagine what you would do if something severe were to occur such as an earthquake or hurricane, and not knowing if you would survive. Fortunately, the ideal survival kit has been created by First My Family that comes with enough supplies for as many as four individuals. It comes with two backpacks that are easy to carry to help you be prepared to leave your house if necessary anytime disaster strikes. Full of sensible items such as water and food, you can rest assured that your family is safe when going to sleep at night.

Best Features

The survival kit provides you with basic survival necessities you will need in the event something serious occurs. First of all, the survival kit comes with four food ration bars that are 2400 calories each. That can last each individual for three days. It also contains certified Coast Guard water for emergencies. This first aid kit is ideal for anybody who may get injured during a disaster. A flashlight is even include that can last as long as 400 hours. There is also body warmers, ponchos for the rain, and glow sticks that last for up to 12 hours, so your family won’t be freezing at night. There is also a flint for starting a fire, a compass to make sure you don’t get lost, and an emergency whistle.

What Is Included:

– (24) packs of Coast Guard Certified Datrex Emergency Water and (4) 2,400-calorie Datrex Food Rations

– (10) Lifegear LED Flashlight – up to 400 hours and (1) Large Hard Shell 85-piece Lifeline First Aid Kit

– (4) 24-hour Body Warmers, (4) Ponchos for rainy and severe weather, (4) 12-hour glow sticks

– (1) 5-1 Emergency Whistle with storage container, flint, compass, and whistle

– (1) Deluxe Backpack, (1) Premium Sport Backpack, (1) Pocket Knife, and (8) Medical-grade face masks for protecting against dust


You won’t need to add anything to the survival kit. There are other kits that might come with such things as water and food rations, but they won’t come with a fire starter, first aid kit, and flashlights. This kit has thought of everything. For the $139.95 price tag, it definitely is worth it. For that price you are given everything that four individuals need for three days, so that is quite affordable. The best thing is they are filled up in two backpacks that are very easy to carry. That means that is something bad occurs you can just grab them and then run.


Some individuals have complained about the ration bar might be fairly hard to eat in emergency situation. Having freeze dried meals would be better.

Final Verdict

Over all, you won’t find a survival kit that is better for multiple individual at this price. It comes with everything that you need and is affordable.

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